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Biologists needed for RNA therapeutics / gene editing startup

Guide Therapeutics is a startup company that has developed a proprietary and patented ‘DNA barcoding’ approach to analyze how up to 500 different nanoparticles deliver DNA / RNA drugs in a single animal. By generating 75,000 to 100,000 in vivo drug delivery datapoints per experiment, and analyzing these data using a proprietary nanoparticle bioinformatics pipeline, Guide can rapidly discover nanoparticles that deliver therapeutic DNA / RNA to new tissues and cells.

Guide values its team and believes in creating a dynamic environment that allows employees to (i) think creatively and (ii) rapidly pursue cutting-edge scientific ideas. Guide Therapeutics is hiring vascular  biologists and immunologists interested in developing new gene therapies using siRNA, mRNA, or Cas9. The biologists will help evaluate the safety, efficacy, and clinical relevance of new gene therapies. We are specifically interested in Ph.D. scientists who – in addition to synthesizing molecules – want to develop leadership skills by thinking about clinical programs and corporate strategy. Industry experience is a plus, but is not a requirement.

This is a unique opportunity for several reasons. First, you will be a member of a fun, passionate, and interdisciplinary group of scientists. Second, you will learn about ‘nanoparticle DNA barcoding’, a new approach that combines high throughput chemistry, in vivo drug delivery, genomics, and bioinformatics. Third, you will interact with leaders in gene therapy; we have direct connections to leaders in academia and established companies. Finally, although we are funded by VCs in Silicon Valley, you will be able to live in Atlanta, a thriving, welcoming city. Atlanta is known for its young professional culture, as well as its access to great food, music, hiking, breweries, and museums. Salaries go much farther in Atlanta than in Boston or San Francisco; in addition to salary, offers may include equity in Guide.

Because Guide does not support H1B visas, U.S. Citizens or scientists with a green card should apply. Guide is an equal opportunity employer; we are a team that fully supports our scientists, independent of their personal beliefs or experiences. For additional information, visit To learn about nanoparticle DNA barcoding, visit or If interested in applying, please send a cover letter and C.V. to Cory Sago at or James Dahlman at

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